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In a digital world, it is becoming more and more complex to draw attention. Only a physical product can become a  strong medium of communication that will last overtime: here is our expertise. Thanks to our made-to-order or personalized products, we help you strengthen your business relationships.


And to have an impact, what is more normal than to have a luxury product entirely handmade in France. More than just a product, we take a sustainable approach during the whole process from sourcing raw materials to delivery. All our leathers come from France or Italy and we are moving towards more sustainable and recycled materials.


Our creations are part of a more global marketing strategy. That’s why we understand the necessity for it to be a ROI positive operation. Our goal is to conceive qualitative products that will perfectly convey your corporate identity towards your clients and collaborators at the good price.


You can contact us through the chat window or our contact form.


Monarque team

Harold Mottin - Fondateur Monarque


Grandson of a leather craftsman, Harold learnt early the basics and to love this amazing material that is leather. Enriched by international management studies, our founder chose to combine business and his taste for excellence.


In 2013, he decided to launch Valôme. Following this success on the B2C market, he decided to develop his expertise on the luxury corporate products.


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